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Building on a strong heritage

Since the start Pöyry has been a community that continuously pushes the boundaries for what is possible. Pöyry is a unique multinational culture with collaborative and professional spirit. Pöyry people share their pride over Pöyry's achievements - innovative solutions, visionary infrastructures, grand building constructions and much more. Most importantly we feel responsibility to use our know-how to engineer balanced sustainability for a better planet. Our culture has strong roots in the past and in our heritage. Our future success lays on this strong cultural foundation. To achieve our vision we aim to be a truly visionary organisation: one that preserves the heritage, reinforces its purpose and stimulates continued renewal. Solid expertise and strong teams are the base of the Pöyry Way. We are collaborative, professional, innovative and responsible with our clients, each other and our stakeholders - always aiming for the highest level of quality.


Interacting seamlessly across businesses, functions and locations is key to us. Building on confidence and trust, everyone shares and supports each other. When putting our minds together, there are no limits to what we can accomplish.


You can always trust us to hold our promise. It is in our nature to execute projects to perfection and bring the best value to our clients. By always raising the bar, we ensure the most sustainable solutions.


We continuously find new and better ways to work. As individuals and as a company, our work leads the way to a more balanced planet. By being highly innovative, we will become the preferred guide to the future.


We trust and empower our people, treating them with respect and dignity. We work with the highest integrity and comply fully with all relevant regulations and standards - each individual is accountable for their actions. By developing balanced solutions, we leave a positive contribution to society.

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