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Insider control

The Company's Board of Directors has issued company specific Insider Guidelines, which have been published and distributed throughout the Group and are available on the Pöyry Group's intranet. The Company's insider guidelines recommend that permanent insiders' investments in the Company's share should be made on a long term basis. Trading is recommended at a moment in time when the information concerning factors affecting the Company's share is as complete as possible, for example following the publication of interim reports and annual accounts.

Permanent insiders are not allowed to buy or sell the Company's shares or other securities during the no-trading period of fourteen (14) days before the publication of each interim or annual financial report.

Pursuant to Pöyry’s Disclosure Policy the Company observes silent periods during which the Company does not communicate with the investor community. The silent period begins 21 days prior to the publication of annual or interim financial results and lasts until the respective announcement of financial results. The Company publishes the silent periods in its annual company calendar.

Permanent insiders of Pöyry are the statutory and company specific insiders. Statutory insiders are the members of the Board, the President and CEO, the auditor in charge and the members of the Executive Committee. Company specific insiders are, in addition to the statutory insiders, specifically appointed directors, staff members responsible for financing, accounting, legal matters, investor relations and human resources, as well as other separately named persons who regularly receive inside information.

Pöyry's insider register is maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy. Up-to-date shareholding data are available for public display in the NetSire register  register as well as on the web page Insiders' ownership.