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Internal control

Pöyry has defined its objectives for internal control. These objectives are to provide reasonable assurance in achieving the following goals:

  • Effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of operations
  • Reliability of financial and other reporting
  • Effective and comprehensive risk management
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the Pöyry Operating Guidelines
  • Ethical business conduct

The internal control framework covers all the policies and guidelines, processes, procedures and organisational structures that assist the President and CEO and ultimately the Board of Directors in ensuring that Pöyry achieves the above mentioned objectives.

Pöyry’s internal control framework is based on the Pöyry Operating Guidelines, which consist of the key policies and instructions, which must be followed throughout the group. The Pöyry Operating Guidelines provide internal policies and guidelines in areas such as ethical business conduct, internal control, authorities, risk management and financial reporting. 

Risk management is an integral part of Pöyry’s business management and internal controls framework. The aim of risk management is to enable the achievement of the Company’s strategic and financial objectives and targets in a controlled manner.

Pöyry's system of internal control

Pöyry's system of internal control