Engineering balanced sustainability
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Through its vision, Pöyry has made a commitment to balanced sustainability. Already for decades, Pöyry has designed and executed projects that include economic, social and environmental aspects. Within the concept of balanced sustainability, we emphasise the complexity and applicability of sustainability. Now and in the future, Pöyry will be designing realistic and innovative solutions that consider all aspects of sustainability. Balanced sustainability means that we will push the envelope and propose more balanced solutions that offer the best possible path forward. Owning the thought leadership of the balancing act will be key to our success in the future.

Engineering balanced sustainability™ is about improving resource efficiency. It involves finding solutions to improve energy, water, material and supply chain efficiencies while improving the overall return on investments. With our approach of Balanced sustainability, we consider the three generally known dimensions of sustainability and recognise the fact that we need to find a balance between them - depending upon the nature of the project and where in the world we are working.

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