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Outlook for 2015 (published on 4 February 2015)

A significant part of Pöyry’s businesses is driven by clients’ new capital investments, which are mostly late in their respective economic cycles. Consequently, it is difficult to predict the exact timing of clients’ investment decisions and project start-ups. Uncertainty around the general economic outlook prevails, which may impact upon investment activity in business segments that are relevant to Pöyry’s operations.

Through its enhanced regional focus, Pöyry is establishing a solid foundation in key domestic markets from which it expects to generate a steady flow of projects and growth in line with prevailing market developments. In parallel, Pöyry is accessing global growth potential in conjunction with its global competences and special opportunities arising from selected large projects.

The Group’s operating profit is expected to increase and be positive.

Outlook for 2014 (revised on 18 December 2014)

Pöyry's operating profit is burdened during the last quarter of the year by further losses originating mainly from the projects of the former Urban Business Group, that were referred to in the January-September interim report 2014. In addition, the operating profit is burdened by a restructuring programme focusing on Central Europe. Both items will be recorded under the Regional Operations Business Line. 

Due to the increased project losses and restructuring costs in the last quarter, Pöyry lowers its guidance for the Group's operating profit in 2014. According to the previous guidance, published on 31 July 2014, the Group's operating profit in 2014 was expected to decline compared to the operating profit for 2013.

According to the new guidance, the Group's operating profit in 2014 is expected to decline compared to the operating profit for 2013 and to be clearly negative.