Compliance has an important role in building and maintaining an environment and culture of ethical conduct at Pöyry. In 2012 Pöyry created a dedicated Compliance function led by the Chief Compliance Officer. The function provides objective oversight and its main activities are defining compliance policies, reporting on compliance related issues of significance to senior management and undertaking monitoring reviews.

Compliance programme

The development of Pöyry’s groupwide Compliance Programme was started in 2010. The main purpose of the programme is to ensure:

  • Compliance with laws, rules, regulations and key Operating Guidelines
  • A culture of trust, honesty, integrity and respect throughout the Group
  • The development, implementation and evaluation of the Code of Conduct and other key Operating Guidelines
  • The management and monitoring of compliance risks
  • Adequate compliance training, instructions and communications

The programme is based on appropriate policies and instructions, which are communicated and available to all employees. Training on the company’s Operating Guidelines and Code of Conduct is at the core of the programme.

The company’s Internal Audit function plays an important role in the identification of compliance risks in their regular audits. To support the identification and monitoring of compliance risks, an anonymous whistleblowing hotline was introduced in early 2013.

Pöyry takes non-compliance issues seriously. The enforcement, remediation and discipline measures range from training and mentoring to dismissal, depending on the case.