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Corporate responsibility

At Pöyry, the term corporate responsibility is used to describe the economic, social and environmental responsibility as well as the use of the highest ethical standards in all our operations. The aim is that Pöyry will be recognised as a forerunner creating expectations and showing thought leadership in the context of Corporate Responsibility.

In 2010, Pöyry’s ESG-approach (Environmental, Social, Governance) was compiled into a Corporate Responsibility Policy. The policy sets the framework, through which Pöyry as a company is committed to incorporate social and environmental considerations into its organisational governance and decision-making processes.

Defining the material sustainability aspects for Pöyry

We are committed to providing our clients with solutions that respect all angles of sustainability in a balanced way. We also want to manage and develop our own operations in a sustainable and responsible manner, and our business conduct is always based on the highest ethical business standards as defined in the Pöyry Code of Conduct. We have zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, anti-competitive practices, discrimination or harassment of any kind in our work.

In 2011 we conducted a stakeholder survey in order to identify what is relevant and significant for Pöyry to address in the context of corporate responsibility. We received 230 answers. Sustainability and responsibility aspects are essential in all of Pöyry’s operations but the conclusion from the survey was that Pöyry people valued very highly the responsibility aspects that relate to Pöyry’s own operations, whereas the external respondents expect us to pay attention to sustainability in our project operations.

The Group Executive Committee reviewed the resulting materiality matrix and the resulting roadmap for Pöyry’s corporate responsibility approach is developed and implemented based on this.

Poyry's perspective on sustainability

At Pöyry we look at sustainability from two different perspectives: Pöyry’s own operations and Pöyry’s project work in the client interface.

Poyry's corporate responsibility