Poyry's Vision to be global thought leader in engineering balanced sustainability
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Pöyry's vision is to be the global thought leader in engineering balanced sustainability for a complex world.

A sustainable world will not happen by itself. In June 2012, world leaders approved the outcome document for Rio+20, entitled ‘The Future We Want’. The foundations for social, economic and environmental wellbeing were set out and calls were made for a wide range of actions wherein sustainability continues to play a fundamental role in how nations live and do business. 

Our clients face the continuous challenge of delivering sustainable project investments. They are constantly searching for the latest technologies and new ways of thinking to make the best project decisions. Pöyry brings together world class consulting and engineering expertise combined with the latest insight to help clients make a difference. 

Global conveys our ambition in terms of scale and scope, as well as our ambition to grow into a top player in our industry. We might not be present in all markets, but we want to be recognised as one of the world's leading consulting and engineering companies in our chosen sectors.
Thought leader emphasises high-end consulting, being at the forefront in sustainability. We strive to be an agenda setter in urban, energy, industrial, water and environmental issues globally. To claim the thought leader position, we actively attract new talent and evolve our existing knowledge, implementing it both globally and locally.
Engineering highlights our strong history and track record in designing and implementing technical solutions. We are proud of our heritage and confident that we as engineers can make a difference by originating, designing, shaping, orchestrating and implementing sustainable solutions.
Complex world means that our clients are confronted with increasing demands for sustainable solutions and rapid technological development. Our role is to convey an insightful perspective and a comprehensive view. We will anticipate solutions for a complex world, being one step ahead. Managing multifaceted and complicated projects is our competitive advantage.
Engineering balanced sustainability™ is about improving resource efficiency. It involves finding solutions to improve energy, water, material and supply chain efficiencies while improving the overall return on investments. With our approach of Balanced sustainability, we consider the three generally known dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) and recognise the fact that we need to find a balance between them - depending upon the nature of the project and where in the world we are working.