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Since its foundation in 1958, has been Pöyry has been the development of innovative, continuously opportunities that transcend the boundaries of human community. Pöyry has always been more than a company. It is a multi-national culture, the spirit of community and professional attitude as well as colleagues and customers like unique. Our employees share the pride of Pöyry's achievements - from innovative energy solutions, pioneering infrastructure, great building projects, and much more. Above all, however, they share responsibility for the environment and the exploitation of our knowledge and skills to ensure sustainable development.


We work seamlessly with the company, functions, and locations. Our business is built on faith and trust that: all support each other. This will benefit both customers and ourselves. Pull together there are no limits.


We keep our promise to deliver the best possible quality - both internally and externally. For us, it is natural to strive for perfection in all of our projects and provide our customers with added value. By raising the bar again and again, we create sustainable solutions.


We are always looking for new and better ways to work. We produce both as individuals and as a company solutions that lead to more balanced planet. By being innovative we become a sought-after leaders in the future.


We rely on our employees and encourage them. We treat each other with respect and dignity. We are working rigorously and comply with all relevant regulations and standards - everyone is responsible for their own actions. The development of balanced solutions to influence the society positively.

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