Pöyry's vision is to be a global leader in engineering balanced sustainability for a complex world.

Sustainable development of the world does not create itself. In June 2012, world leaders adopted the Rio + 20 sustainable development summit in the final document, entitled "The Future We Want". Social, economic and environmental well-being of bases came here very clearly, and it called for a wide variety of ways to help sustainable development will continue to be a key part of the nations the way to live and do business.

One of the most common challenges facing our clients is to ensure that the investments made by their respective projects comply with the principle of sustainable development. Our customers are constantly looking for the latest technologies and new ways of thinking in order to make the best decisions on the project. Pöyry provides them with world-class management consulting together with advanced planning, all the way to the latest industry knowledge based on. 

Global  refers to the goal of scale and scope, and on the other hand our goal of growing our kärkitoimijaksi. We do not necessarily work in all markets, but our goal is to be recognized as one of the world's leading consulting and engineering companies.

Thought Leader  emphasizes a high level of consulting expertise and our position at the forefront of sustainable development. We want to be a global pioneer in the energy, industry, urban & mobility and water & environment. To achieve the leader position, we need to develop existing knowledge and implement it both globally and locally, and to attract new talent into Pöyry.

Engineering  our strong track record and technical solutions. We are proud of our heritage and are confident that as designers, we can influence the future by creating, developing, editing, organizing and supervising sustainable solutions.

Complex  draws attention to the fact that our clients are more and more sustainable solutions and rapid technological development. Our mission is to provide in-depth, insightful perspectives and integrated solutions. We have to be one step ahead by anticipating these diverse requirements. Multifaceted and complex project management is the future of our competitive advantage.

Engineering balanced sustainability ™  refers to resource efficiency. It is the objective of finding customers with solutions that enhance energy, water and materials and supply chain management, while improving the overall investment returns. A balanced approach to sustainable development we take into account the well-known aspects of sustainable development, and accept the fact that these need to be balanced, which depends on the nature of the project and the geographical location.