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Paper Technology

Pöyry has been designing and implementing paper mill projects all over the world for decades. These projects range from state-of-the art greenfield mills to all sizes of rebuild projects, operations support assignments, and mill relocation projects. Paper mills designed by Pöyry consistently rank among the world´s top performers.

Our technology know-how covers:

  • Paper mill technology
  • Mechanical and chemimechanical pulp
  • Recycled pulp
  • Mechanical printing paper
  • Fine papers
  • Containerboard
  • Cartonboard
  • Tissue

We use our strong consulting base in strategy formulation and execution with regards to raw materials, markets and products in order to assist our clients with their investment decisions.

We’ve built a strong foundation in maintenance and performance improvement engineering. Through our local office network we support our clients in their daily operations, with hands-on solutions and services that enable them to achieve and sustain operational excellence in their process plants.

Our services cover all engineering disciplines, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services. This, combined with installation and commissioning, start-up and training services, ensures that plants designed by Pöyry start up on time, within budget and above expectations.

We also take an environmentally sound approach that utilises an optimum raw material and energy balance. Our accumulated expertise in pulp & paper is at our client's disposal at every stage of an assignment.