Rail Systems

As global demand and prices for oil will continue to rise, countries and operators needs to speed up the development and improvement of their rail bound transport infrastructure to reduce their dependency on the natural resource of oil and to lower travel expenses for their consumers.

We have long-lasting world-wide experience in the implementation of safe, efficient and effective rail transport systems and provide in this regard the full range of professional consultancy services.

Being one of the few system planners for railbound traffic systems, we deliver our clients tailor-made solutions which enable them to meet their business targets and transform their visions into reality. With the experience and know-how of our engineers, we provide global expertise for the whole railway market, from mass rapid transit to heavy rail systems. Our competence results from more than 35 years of experience in planning, project engineering and tendering for railway technical systems including all system components of the rail infrastructure, operating facilities and railway equipment.

This results in coherent state-of-the-art planning optimised in relation to performance and approval capability, feasibility as well as economic efficiency in construction and subsequent operation.

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