Mobility is a global and local megatrend to connect cities, regions and countries, as well as production processes, cultures and, of course, people. A network of high quality roads provides a solid backbone for mobility.

We have experience in the design and supervision of sustainable road construction. Depending on the environment and the targets of individual traffic, roads vary in many categories from pedestrian ways to urban roads and motorways. The targets and solutions have to be customised for highly developed areas on one hand and underdeveloped regions on the other.

Thanks to our experience and the know-how of our road and traffic engineers, Pöyry is able to provide the expertise of a system planner for roads, starting from feasibility studies to several stages of design and construction supervision. Efficiency, traffic safety, environmental compatibility and - more and more important - the consideration of cost benefit ratios are the challenges faced by a team of experts when finding a sustainable solution for road construction.